PhD Projects and Scholarship

Research Projects

  1. Using Light to Control Parametric Instability
  2. Opto-Acoustic Parametric Amplifier
  3. Double optical springs: towards measurements below the standard quantum limit.
  4. Optical Rods and Bars
  5. Control system for the GW detector
  6. Design of Extremely Low Frequency Vibration Isolation Using Euler Springs
  7. Detecting Gravitational Wave Events-data analysis.
  8. A.New fast and low-latency time domain search method

    B.Application of the graphics processing units (GPUs) to accelerate the search pipelines for gravitational waves.

    C.Probe of the system parameters of the gravitational-wave/X-ray source 4U 1820-30 residing in a globular cluster.

Components of these projects could be arranged as PhD or Honours projects. For details of the projects, please click here. For expressions of interest, please contact:


Australian and New Zealand citizens and Australian permanent residents are legible to apply UWA post graduate Scholarship

International students can apply for International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS) and Scholarships for International Research Fees (SIRFs)

Outstanding candidates in receipt of Australian Postgraduate Awards or University Postgraduate Awards may be eligible to receive supplementary scholarships. Tutoring and part-time teaching may also be available for additional income.

Academic visitors: Many of our PhD students first visit here as academic visitors. We have had students and visitors from China, India, France, Chile, Austria, Poland, Singapore, Germany, Romania and USA. Visitors usually receive living allowance equal to the value of a PhD scholarship.