Australia-Italy Workshop on Gravitational Wave Detection

4th-6th October 2005, Perth Australia

The following topics have been presented and discussed in the 3-day workshop.

            Detecting Gravitational Waves with Pulsars  Dick Manchester

            Gravitation Wave Sources - Accreting Neutron Stars Andrew Melatos

            Accreting Neutron Stars as Gravitational Wave Sources Duncan Galloway

            Expected Coalescence Rates of NS/NS Binaries for Ground Based Interferometers and Simulations of the GW Stochastic Background Tania Regimbau

            Gravitational Wave Stochastic Background Search David Coward

            Detector Arrays Linqing Wen

LIGO and Advanced LIGO: Technical Issues David Ottaway

Status of VIRGO Giovanni Losurdo

TAMA and LCGT Kazuaki Kuroda

A Feasible Roadmap for Gravitational Wave Detection in China Keyun Tang

Parametric Instabilities in Advanced Interferometer Detectors Li Ju

AIGO High Optical Power Test Facility Chunnong Zhao

Thermal Lensing and the Gingin Test 1 Jerome Degallaix

Some Ideas on Coatingless all-reflective ITF Adalberto Giazotto

Theory of Advanced Configurations Yanbei Chen

Experiments towards beating quantum limits Stefan Gossler

Generation of Squeezed States Using Radiation Pressure Effects David Ottaway

Gravitational Waves: Science for the Future David Blair

Low frequency GW detection, challenges and perspective solutions Riccardo De Salvo

Mesa Beam Interferometers Riccardo De Salvo

High Power Laser Peter Veith

Variable Reflectivity Signal-recycling Mirror and Control Stefan Gossler

Design of Stable Power Recycling Cavities Volker Quetschke

Control Strategy of VIRGO Test Masses Alberto Gennai

Low Noise Control Systems for the advanced detectors Alberto Gennai

Challenges in Cryogenic Interferometers Roberto Pasaquieti

Design of Cryogenic Interferometers Kazuaki Kuroda

            Study of a Quantum Non-demolition Interferometer Using Ponderomotive Squeezing Shihori Sakata

Off-axis Hartmann Sensor Aidan Brooks

Parametric Effects in a Macroscopic Optical Cavity Sascha Schediwy

Test Mass Scattering Mapping Zewu Yan     

Design of AIGO 2km Interferometer Pablo Barriga

New Welding Technology for Beam Pipes Sarah Price

Advanced Isolators Jean-Charles Dumas

Test Mass Ribbon Suspensions Ben Lee