Coastal Ocean Wave Monitors

AIGRC physicists have developed and patented a land-based device able to accurately monitor coastal ocean waves, saving the need for expensive buoys. At least 40 Waverider Buoys are used around Australia to monitor ocean waves at considerable expense. These buoys are expensive to purchase ($140,000) and to maintain ($20,000pa). Because the ocean waves on reaching shallow water create "land waves" which travel far across the land (at a speed of a jet plane, but with the frequency of a the ocean wave) one can detect these land waves and use them to determine the ocean wave pattern. The technology has been proved in conjunction with the WA Centre for Water Research. The device is based on vibration isolation technology developed for gravity wave research, and is cheap and simple. Such devices have the potential to save the offshore oil industry million of dollars. Coastal ocean wave monitors can measure the growth of potentially life-threatening storm swells so that offshore rigs can be evacuated before problems arise. This monitoring method can also be utilized by the shipping industry and could save many lives.